Responsibilities of Academic Affairs Committee:

This is the committee in-charge of all academic activities of the school. It serves to:

  • Assign the teaching load for all academic programmes
  • Advise on review and creation of new academic programmes
  • Monitor the quality of academic instruction and output of the school.
  • Advise on staff support and development
  • Examine the admissibility of students to various programs in the school including undergraduate majors.
  • Propose part-timers (internal and external) and make sure they satisfy the requirements of the university.
  • Suggest names of invited professors.




Mr. C. Achola Chairman
Prof. P.G.O. Weke Director
Prof. J. Khalagai Pure Mathematics
Prof. G. P. Pokhariyal Applied & Industrial Mathematics
Prof. M. Manene Statistics & Operations Research
Prof. R. O. Simwa Actuarial Science & Financial Mathematics
Prof. W.  Ogana  
Dr. C. Nyandwi  
Dr. D. M. Maingi  
Dr. P. O. Ngare  


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