Responsibilities of Examination and Registration Committee:

Examination  and registration committee is responsible for facilitating student course registration and developing strategies in regard to review and evaluation of assessment schemes. In particular:

  • Ensure proper interaction between internal and external examiners.
  • Advise students (e.g. undergraduate majors) on various options available in the school.
  • Make sure external examiners' recommendations are made public to the school board.
  • Ensure exam marking and reporting is done on time.
  • Advise the school board on efficient systems for marking exams.
  • Produce proper documentation for undergraduate and postgraduate students e.g. guidelines handbook.


Prof. G.P. Pokhariyal Applied & Industrial Mathematics
Prof. J. Khalagai Pure Mathematics
Prof. M. Manene Statistics & Operations Research
Prof. R. O. Simwa  Actuarial Science & Financial Mathematics
Dr. P. O. Ngare Actuarial Science & Financial Mathematics
Dr. S. Luketero Faculy of Arts
Dr. J. Mile Engineering
Dr. J. Muriuki Pharmacy/Biochemistry
Dr. S. Moindi Faculty of Arts
Dr. N. O. Owuor School of Economics
Dr. G. O. Muhua CBPS/ODL
Mr. C. Ikinya ADD/SCI
Mrs. A. Wang’ombe Overall Coordinator
Ms. C. A. Ogutu Coordinator
Dr. J. Ndiritu Year One
Mrs. I. Orowe Year One
Ms. F. Mwangi Year Two
Dr. B. Nzimbi Year Two
Dr. J. Katende Year Three
Mr. O. Rao Year Three
Dr. D. M. Maingi Year Four
Dr. J. I. Mwaniki Year Four
Ms. R. Sarguta Year Four
Dr. A. Wafula CEES
Mrs. E. Muriuk CBPS/KSC
Ms. L. A. Musiga  
Mr. D. Bundi  


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