Responsibilities of International Collaboration and Links Committee:

This committee serves to foster awareness, facilitate educational opportunities and actively seek collaborative projects for the school. Specific roles include:

a) Formulate policies and long-term objectives; execute forward-planning and set priorities in the development of academic links at the School.

b) Explore and expand resources to support such focused developments (in a) above) that will help enhance the international standing of the school and provide opportunities for staff and students to link with major centers of excellence in Mathematics worldwide.

c) Set and maintain quality standards for the academic link programs conducted by the school.

d) Organize series of prestigious international meetings with outstanding scientist around the world.

e) Raise awareness of school of Mathematics; liaise with the alumni and device means of attracting and generating funds for research, scholarship and development of the school.

Dr. C. Nyandwi Chairman
Prof. G.P. Pokhariyal  
Prof. W. Ogana  
Dr. P. O. Ngare    
Dr. J. W. Kagunda  
Dr. H. Bhanderi    
Dr. T. Kamanu  
J. Ongaro   


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