Responsibilities of Outreach and Service to Community Committee:

This committee serves as an advisory committee to the school board on matters pertaining to outreach and community service. Among its functions they;

  • Initiate activities that promote mathematics (for teachers and students e.g. mathematics clinics).
  • Organize visits to schools and colleges.
  • Identify talented students in mathematics and promote activities committed to proper placement of these students.
  • Find ways of designing content based mathematical programs to strengthen mathematics instruction and application.
  • Create awareness and appreciation of the role of mathematics in industry and society.
  • Participate in exhibition as required by the School.


Prof. G. P. Pokhariyal Chairman
Prof. J. Khalagai Pure Mathematics
Prof. M. Manene Statistics & Operations Research
Prof. R. O. Simwa Actuarial Science & Financial Mathematics
Prof. JAM Ottieno Statistics & Operations Research
Mr. C. Achola  
Dr. J. H. Were  
Dr. C. Nyandwi  
Dr. J. Muriuki  
Dr. D. Maingi  
Dr. J. Katende  
Dr. J. I. Mwaniki  
Dr. J. Ndiritu  
Ms. I. Orowe  
Ms. R. Sarguta  


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