Responsibilities of PC/ISO ad Website Committee:

This committee is responsible in making sure the school meets the PC and ISO requirements. Of interest, this includes:

a) Advise the school on issues related to our website, e.g. need for domain change, high Internet speeds and so on.

b) Advise the Director on technology resource needs.

c) Facilitate a creation of the photo board enlisting members of staff

d) Make sure members profiles are up to date complete with research portfolios and research statements.

e) Ensure that course descriptions, lecture notes and tutorials are online.

f) Serve as PC/ISO/Website champions for the school of mathematics

g) Ensure that PC/ISO/Website targets are met on a monthly/quarterly basis

h) Liaise with staff in SOM to be able to generate and provide supporting documentary evidence for reported performance

i) Liaise with other committees so as to provide the required indicators and create a database

j) Liaise with the CBPS PC/ISO/Website committee(s) to realize the targets

Dr. D. M. Maingi  Chairman
Dr. P. O. Ngare     
Dr. T. Kamanu     


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