Responsibilities of Physical Facilities and Infrastructure Committee:

Serves as development and maintenance advisory unit for the school's physical assets. Mainly:

a) Oversee the School's offices, laboratories, lecture rooms, equipment and amenities.

b) Determine the adequacy, condition and use of existing infrastructure and equipment facilities

c) Regularly evaluate the School's use of space and the appropriateness of the space to its mission

d) Determine the space and infrastructures requirements of the School.

e) Work out the cost of acquiring the needed space and infrastructures and suggest means of funding.

Prof. G. P. Pokhariyal     Chairman
Prof. W. Ogana  
Prof. C. B. Singh                    
Dr. F. Njui  
Dr. J. H. Were  
Mr. C. Achola  
Dr. C. Nyandwi  
Dr. H. Bhanderi               
Mr. J. N. Ongaro  
Mr. A. Mureithi  
Mr. A. Lwande  
Ms. I. Orowe  


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