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Computer programming has certainly enabled researchers to solve problems that could not have been solved due to limited human capacity. A number of computer software have been developed to assist with essential tasks including data collection, data analysis, spatial mapping among other uses. Unfortunately, most of these computer software are commercial and maintaining their annual licenses is often costly, especially for institutions in the developing countries. R statistical software is one such open source software with great potential. This course is organized in three parts from introductory R to advanced analytics and programming in R. The first part intends to INTRODUCE the participants to R programming


  • Basic concepts; data organization.
  • Data Import and Export and Data Simulation.
  • Data Manipulation before Analysis.
  • Getting help in R and R Documentation.
  • Techniques for Graphics and Charts.
  • Maintaining Sessions in R.

R Sweave (Preparing Presentations and Documentation)


Workshop Dates:

26th – 29th June 2018


University of Nairobi, School of Mathematics, Chiromo Campus School of Physical Sciences (SPS) Boardroom Facility


25,000/- (250$) – Conference package and logistical costs.

Please Note:Accommodation will NOT be provided.

Enquiries to Dr. Rachel Sarguta +254725878750 or Dr. Carolyne Ogutu +254720361979.

Write to us an email at:, and for other official inquires

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