Responsibilities of School Postgraduate Committee:

This committee serves to oversee all postgraduate academic programmes and activities. In particular the committee is tasked to::

a) Determine the feasibility of the topic and the thesis/dissertation plan or proposal, and to advise the student accordingly.

b) Conducts the final examination of research degrees for masters and postgraduate diplomas.

c) Approves and recommends the award of research degrees for masters and postgraduate diplomas.

d) Responsible for all academic aspects of postgraduate study and to report to the Director.

e) Maintain the School’s academic standards, support a coordinated approach to quality assurance and enhancement, and advise the School on related academic matters.

f) Assess the academic content, delivery and administrative arrangements for new and modified programmes and courses.

g) Recommend the appointment of External Examiners for postgraduate taught programmes and courses of study, Examiners for research degrees, approved  supervisors for postgraduate research degrees and thesis supervisors.

h) Recommend modifications to the University’s Ordinances and Regulations relating to postgraduate programmes and courses of study.

i) Serves as a student appeals committee relating to academic progress.

j) Provide recommendations for graduate student awards and scholarships,

k) Develop/propose theses templates for adoption.

Ms. C. A. Ogutu                Coordinator
Ms. R. Sarguta  
J. N. Ongaro  
Mr. D. Owera  


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