Responsibilities of Staff Welfare Committee:

This committee works for the benefit and welfare of the general staff and provides a channel for us to interact with each other. Their main priority shall be to:

a) Arrange for extra-curricular activities for all members of staff.

b) Ensure favorable working environment for members of staff.

c) Coordinate benevolent fund for the members of staff.

d) Arrange for regular casual meetings for all.

e) Mentor and orientate junior members of staff.

f) Organize the annual event in which awards and accomplishments of school members are announced

g) Ensure the school has staff coffee room for all members of school.


 Dr. F. Njui Chairman
Prof. W. Ogana  
Dr. C. Abungu  
Dr. J. H. Were  
Dr. C. Nyandwi  
Dr. J. Muriuki  
Mr. C. Ikinya  
Dr. J. Okwoyo  
Dr. J. W. Kagunda  


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School of Mathematics, CBPS College.

P. O. Box 30197 - 00100
Tel: 254-02-4445751.

Mobile no :0780-834766.




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