Responsibilities of Student Counselling and Mentorship Committee:

The committee serves to ensure that all students traverse through the process of university education smoothly and attain success. Their duties include:

a) Provide a link between students and dean of students.

b) Identify talented students and nurture them.

c) Find methods to identify needy or stressed students and help them.

d) Arrange for life seminars for the students e.g in personal finance

e) Arrange for proper internship and placement of students.

f) Encourage staff members to be available for student mentorship.

g) Provide career guidance to the students.

Mr. C. Achola Chairman
Prof. G.P. Pokhariyal Applied & Industrial Mathematics
Prof. J. Khalagai Pure Mathematics
Prof. M. Manene  Statistics & Operations Research
Prof. R. O. Simwa Actuarial Science & Financial Mathematics
Mrs. E. Muriuki  
Dr. C. Nyandwi  
Dr. C. Nyandwi  
Dr. J. I. Mwaniki  
Dr. J. Katende  
Dr. A. Wafula  
Dr. H. Bhanderi  
Ms. R. Sarguta  
Mr. A. Mureithi  
Ms. A. Wang’ombe  


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