Degree Regulations, Documents and Courses

Title Course Code Course Hours Semester Year
Basic Mathematics and Computing for Statistics SBM 001
Introduction to Biology SBM 002
Design of Research Studies SBM 501
Data Management and Analysis SBM 502
Statistical Methods SBM 503
Linear Models SBM 504
Advanced Linear Models SBM 505
Survey Methods SBM 506
Multivariate Statistics SBM 507
Survival Data Analysis SBM 508
Statistical Ecology SBM 509
Epidemiological Methods SBM 601
Design of Clinical Experiments SBM 602
Biological Assay and Quantitative Genetics SBM 603
Agricultural Experimentation SBM 604
Environmental Statistics and Spatial Analysis SBM 605
Models for Disease Transmission and Management SBM 606
Statistical Demography SBM 607
Professional Issues in Biometry SBM 608
Project SBM 609 180

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