Degree Regulations, Documents and Courses

Title Course Code Course Hours Semester Year
Stochastic Processes STA 602
Statistics for Psychosocial Research STA 642
Stochastic Processes STA 502
Computational Matrix Analysis STA 505
Linear Statistical Models STA 507
Statistical Theory STA 531
Interactive Data Analysis STA 533
Multivariate Statistics STA 534
Survival Data Analysis STA 535
Design and Analysis of Surveys STA 537
Modelling and Analysis of Social Data STA 538
Advanced Econometrics STA 539
Analytic Demography STA 540
Non - Parametric Statistical Analysis STA 604
Linear Statistical Models STA 607
Applied Time Series Analysis STA 632
Analysis of Categorical Data STA 633
Analysis of Longitudinal Data STA 634
Computational Statistics STA 637
Design and Analysis of Surveys II STA 647
Advanced Quantitative Economics STA 648
Applied Demography STA 649
Survey Research Methods & Observational Studies STA 650
Economic and Social Accounting STA 651
Bio-Statistical Methods STA 652
Operations Research and Economic Modelling STA 653
Stochastic Models for Social Processes STA 654
Project STA 655

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