Talk on: Topology of Hilbert schemes of points on orbifolds surfaces

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Tue, 2016-05-10 12:00
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room 135

The schoolof mathematics invites all to a talk on:

Talk Title: Topology of Hilbert schemes of points on orbifolds surfaces

Venue: Room 135

Time:  12:00 pm

Date:  10/05/2016

Speaker: Jared Ongaro(from University of Oxford via Sheffield) Lecturer School of Mathematics universty of Nairobi.


Orbifold geometry is a way to encode some of the group theory in the geometry of  smooth varieties. One can think of a variety as geometric objects that are locally modelled as quotients of manifolds by group actions. If the action is 'good', then the quotient space is itself a manifold, and the geometry is easier. But when the action has fixed points the resulting quotient becomes singular. Often much information about the group action is lost in the singularities.

In this talk, I will give a connection between partitions theory and the topology of the Hilbert schemes of orbifold surfaces. Hilbert schemes are moduli spaces which parametrize ideals, which are often the algebra of functions on varieties.

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