Lecture on Topology of Hilbert schemes of points on orbifolds surfaces

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Tue, 2016-05-10 16:37

Dr. Jared Ongaro, from the School of Mathematics giving a lecture

Today on the May 10, 2016, Dr Jared Ongaro held a talk on :Topology of Hilbert schemes of points on Orbifolds surfaces.

During the talk which was attended by students faculty Dr jared gave a lecture on connection between partitions theory and the topology of the Hilbert schemes of Orbifold surfaces. Hilbert schemes are moduli spaces which parametrize ideals, which are often the algebra of functions on varieties.

View Abstract of Dr. J.Ongaro's research on Orbifold Geometry [PDF]

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Tue, 2050-05-10 16:37
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Dr Ongaro jared

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