2012-2013. A truly remarkable year for the N’ASA fraternity. From Longonot to Crayfish, from Tunza to five-star dining, there was really no shortage of memories of the year gone by…..and to see the 2012-2013 first years embrace the N’ASA ideals en masse was truly humbling…..the enthusiasm like no other hitherto displayed by any of their predecessors, overwhelming  attendance for all events notwithstanding….and then came the exit of the outstanding committee that oversaw the whole process, and the Nairobi University  actuarial community ushered in a new committee….pretty big shoes to fill, and an end of semester trip to the coast the first agenda on the table, it remained to be seen whether the new blood was worth all the pre-election pomp, whether they were worth their salt….

                                Shanzu was the location, Grand Ocean-view hotel the venue……a grueling semester it had been…..the legendary coastal sunshine, sandy beaches…..perfect recipe for an explosive four-day holiday to unwind and take a truly deserved break from all the academia, after weeks of hype and careful planning……a paltry 5,500 shillings the cost, forty-eight of our members invaded mtwapa and literally painted the coastal town blue….the annual coast trip turned out to be all that and more to the infinity…fully action packed in every sense, from exploring the sandy beaches to the truly amazing hotel pool, from a remarkable grill night to the thrills of the coastal nightlife….it was truly worth every cent that was paid, every minute in the arduous hours spent negotiating with the various hotel owners……a befitting bow as the curtains fell on the academics year….

                With members evenly drawn from across the divide, the coastal trip was an opportunity for members to bond, for the senior members to get to know the junior members of the community, and this was a chance taken in its fullness. Friendships were made and others cemented….and with numerous events slated for the coming year, the jury is still out on the performance of the current committee, but if coast is anything to go by, good tidings are surely headed this way….sports day, charity events, corporate social responsibility, team building, culture and environmental weeks and the annual dinner…its shaping up to be bigger, better and, as always, awesome…..

                Well, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words……here is to a couple thousand of those……

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