Blessed is the hand that gives, so goes a common moral adage. We tend tobe united in common causes, call them axioms; the joints that unite human diversity, and more often than not, these are the things that remind us of our humanity, of our identity as superior beings, of our calling above self, and of the spirit of selflessness. Things that bring us together in times of crisis, things including blood, friendship and human compassion. The latter being a hallmark of the N’ASA pillar of ideals, the compassion and resolve to help and give back to society in whichever way however small; to make the world a better place in whichever possible way, to rise to the occasion in the concept of service above self…..

                                It was the above ideals that brought us together with the commercial banking department at CFC STANBIC BANK on 20thJune 2013 in an effort to come to the aid of The Little Sisters of Saint Francis children’s home and community hospital in Mwiki. A call to help after an electric fault resulted in a massive inferno that incinerated the entire kitchen and youth office of the establishment two months before, consuming everything from cutlery to the ceramic tiles that covered the floor. This was a devastating blow to an institution that servesas a healthcare centre to the densely populated area, as well as a home to forty boys rescued from the ravages of the streets…a centre run by about thirty nuns who work tirelessly for the sick and the destitute kids.

                                The smiles on the faces of the nuns were priceless, the reception they had prepared truly humbling…..the story of the aftermath of the catastrophe in itself a moving exhibit of the spirit of endurance, of the resolve to continue serving in the face of hardship…interacting with the nuns and the Stanbic bank representatives, sharing a meal….and to the climax of the day, donating a freezer and kitchen equipment to help in the rehabilitation of the kitchen…..and the countless blessings showered on us by the beaming nuns…..it was a show of the diversity of the nature of our partnerships with various corporate entities. A show of what can be achieved when hands join towards the greater goal of helping the helpless, the contentment in giving……profound gratitude to Stanbic bank for the partnership, bringing in the financial muscle to such a noble cause…..

                                It sure is turning out to be a great year for N’ASA. With the success of the first charity event of the year, things are sure looking up for the body as a whole……and with corporate entities increasingly coming on board, the bar is set high on just how much we can achieve.

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