Financial Inclusion and Cream Skimming in Kenya’s Financial Sector


Davis Bundi Ntwiga
School of Mathematics
University of Nairobi,

Tremendous efforts have been put in place by the relevant government bodies and partners in enhancing financial inclusion in Kenya. An analysis of the data from the FinAccess National Survey of the year 2013 shows that mobile financial services has been the main driver of these positive trends in financial inclusion. However, there is a marginal decline in usage of banks, savings and credit organizations (SCOs) and informal groups for financial services with the Micro-Finance institutions (MFIs) showing the highest decline in usage of its services. We found Cream skimming practices are evident in the market based on income levels and access to certain type of financial services. The verdict, financial inclusion has increased in Kenya due to the penetration of mobile phone financial services and concerted government efforts and minimal cases of Cream skimming are observed.

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