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David Western               

Dr. David Western

David Western is chairman of the African Conservation Centre, Nairobi. He began research into savannas ecosystems at Amboseli in 1967, looking at the interactions of humans and wildlife. His work, unbroken since then, has served as a barometer of changes in the savannas and test of conservation solutions based on the continued coexistence of people and wildlife. Kenya Wildlife Services Web Page

Alain Borgel (© Ird, Alain Borgel)

Alain Borgel

Alain Borgel is a researcher in plant genetics and biotechnology at IRD. Involved in innovation and entrepreneurship,Alain Borgel was the IRD Representative in the Reunion from 2007 to 2012, where has served as the Chairman of the Technopole Incubator and coordinated a European  project of the FP7 on the development of research capabilities in marine science  


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