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Wed, 2017-05-31 09:00
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SPS Boardroom

The school of Mathematics and Statistics -university of Shefield and School of Mathematics-University of Nairobi. will be working towards intergrating technology to improve teaching mathematics in large classes. A team of mathematicians from university of Shefield will make a preliminary visit to the School an a fact finding mission. The finding will enable the team to find an approach that will work for the school of Mathematics University of Nairobi.

Speakers during the event will include:

Prof. Christopher Gakuu Mwangi, Director for the ODEL

Presentation: Program and Learning Management System


Prof. Madara Ogot, Director, Research and Extension

Presentation: Support for Mathematics Education Research

Christopher Moturi, Director, I,C.T.C
Presentation: ICT Infrastructure at the University of Nairobi
Dr Jared ONGARO, Lecturer School of Mathematics.
Presentation: A new approach to teaching math in large classes: The Proposal
Dr Sam Marsh, Lecturer, School of Mathematics and Statistics
Presentation: A new approach to teaching math in large classes: Sheffield Case study

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