B.Sc. Mathematics

First Year

Core Units

SMA 101  

Basic Mathematics     

SMA 103  

Calculus I                            

SMA 104  

Calculus II                                

SMA 106  

Calculus III                               

SMA 115  

Plane Geometry

SMA 116  

Three Dimensional Geometry

SMA 121  

Mechanics I

SMA 140  

Introduction to Probability and Statistics         

SMA 161  

Computational Mathematics  

Common courses

CCS 001   

Communication skills

CCS 004   

Law in Society

CCS 009   

Elements of Economics

Second Year

Core Units

SMA 201 

Advanced Calculus    

SMA 202 

Elements of Set Theory

SMA 203 

Linear Algebra I         

SMA 204 

Linear Algebra II

SMA 205 

Introduction to Algebra

SMA 206 

Introduction to Analysis

SMA 208 

Ordinary Differential Equations I

SMA 210

Introduction to Topological Concepts

SMA 221 

Vector Analysis  

SMA 223  

Mechanics II              

SMA 240  

Probability and Statistics I

SMA 272  

Introduction to Optimisation

Non-Core Courses

SMA 209 

Elements of Linear Algebra

Third Year

Core Units

SMA 301  

Real Analysis I                         

SMA 303  

Algebra I

SMA 306  

Complex Analysis I                   

SMA 320  

Methods I

SMA 322  

Numerical Analysis I  

SMA 323  

Dynamics I     

SMA 341  

Probability and Statistics II        

SMA 371  

Linear Programming I


SMA 302  

Real Analysis II 

SMA 304 

Linear Algebra III                        

SMA 308  

Discrete Mathematics I                


Ordinary Differential Equations II  

SMA 324  

Dynamics II      

SMA 326  

Fluid Mechanics I                    

SMA 328  

Continuum Mechanics           

SMA 342  

Theory of Estimation                

SMA 344  

Sample Surveys                        

SMA 346  

Quality Control Methods       

SMA 360  

Programming Methodology for Mathematics             

SMA 372  

Linear Programming II          

SMA 382

Introduction to Actuarial Science

SMA 384  

Mathematics of Demography


Fourth Year

Core Units

SMA 401  

Topology I                            

SMA 403  

Measure Theory                           

SMA 405  

Algebra II                               


SMA 400  

Mathematical Logic                       

SMA 402  

Topology II                   

SMA 404

Aspects of the History of  Mathematics

SMA 406  

Algebra III                              

SMA 407  

Discrete Mathematics II               

SMA 408   

Complex Analysis II                      

SMA 409  

Ordinary Differential Equations III

SMA 410  

Functional Analysis                       

SMA 411  

Number Theory                            

SMA 412  

Theory of Computation                 

SMA 420  

Mathematical Modelling                

SMA 422  

Methods II                               

SMA 423  

Numerical Analysis II 

SMA 424  

Numerical Analysis III                  

SMA 425 

First Order Partial Differential Equations

SMA 426 

Second Order Partial Differential Equations                                         

SMA 427 

Differential Geometry               

SMA 428  

Fluid Mechanics II                       

SMA 440  

Probability Theory

SMA 441  

Tests of Hypotheses                      

SMA 442  

Non-Parametric Methods                   

SMA 443  

Time Series Analysis                     

SMA 444  

Analysis of Experimental Designs      

SMA 445  

Stochastic Processes                            

SMA 446  

Statistical Methods                      

SMA 448  

Multivariate Methods                     

SMA 461  

Design and Analysis of Algorithms I 

SMA 462  

Design and Analysis of Algorithms II

SMA 471 

Integer Programming and Non-Linear  Programming                                    

SMA 472

Decision Theory and Game Theory      

SMA 473

Graphs, Network Flows and  Scheduling

SMA 474

Stochastic Models in Operations Research

SMA 481

Actuarial Mathematics I                  

SMA 482  

Actuarial Mathematics II

SMA 483  

Survival Analysis                        

SMA 484  

Risk and Credibility Theory


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