The overall objective of the course is to enable students to acquire an understanding of the fundamental structure of mathematics,and lay a firm foundation for the study of mathematics and its applications.

The aims of the course are to:

  1. Provide the student with advanced training in pure mathematics.
  2. Expose the students to current research trends in pure mathematics

First Year

SMA 501

Measure Theory

SMA 502

Functional Analysis I

SMA 504

Functional Analysis II

SMA 505

Complex Analysis

SMA 506

Functional Analysis III

SMA 507

Ordinary differential Equations I

SMA 508

Ordinary differential Equations II

SMA 509

Partial Differential Equations I

SMA 510

Partial Differential Equations II

SMA 511

General Topology I

SMA 512

General Topology II

SMA 513

Differential Topology I

SMA 514

Differential Topology II

SMA 515

Group Theory

SMA 516

Field Theory

SMA 518

Non-commutative Ring Theory

Second Year

SMA 601

Algebraic Topology I

SMA 602

Algebraic Topology II

SMA 603

Homological Algebra I

SMA 604

Homological Algebra I

SMA 605

Dimension Theory I

SMA 606

Dimension Theory II

SMA 607

Functional Analysis IV

SMA 608

Distribution Theory

SMA 609

Ordinary Differential Equations III

SMA 611

Partial Differential Equations III

SMA 612

Partial Differential Equations IV

SMA 613

Commutative Algebra

SMA 614

Lie Algebras

SMA 615

Representation Theory of Groups

SMA 617

Topics in Pure Mathematics I

SMA 618

Topics in Pure Mathematics II

SMA 697

Projects in Pure Mathematics

SMA 699


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