Actuarial Science Courses

 First Year

Course Code

            Course Name

SAC 101

Introduction to Actuarial Science 

SAC 102

Fundamentals of Actuarial Mathematics I 

Statistics courses

STA 101

Introduction to Probability and Statistics 

STA 121

Programming Methodology 

STA 122

Computational Methods and Data Analysis I             

Mathematics Courses

SMA 101

Basic Mathematics     

SMA 103

Calculus I  

SMA 104

Calculus II  

SMA 106

Calculus III    

Common Courses

CCS   001

Communications Skills


Second Year

Course Code

Course Name

SAC 201

Financial Mathematics I

SAC 202

Fundamentals of Actuarial Mathematics II 

SAC 203

Principles of Economics I 

SAC 204

Principles of Operations Research 

Statistics Courses

STA 201

Probability and Statistics I

STA 202

Introduction to Statistical Inference  

STA 222

Introduction to time Series Analysis

STA 224

Computational Methods and Data Analysis II 

Mathematics  Courses

SMA 201

Advanced Calculus

SMA 206

Introduction to Analysis        

SMA 208

Ordinary Differential Equations        

SMA 209

Elements of Linear Algebra 




Third  year

SAC 301

Actuarial Mathematics I

SAC 302

Actuarial Mathematics II 

SAC 303

Principles of Economics II 

SAC 304

Financial Mathematics II 

SAC 305

Life Contingencies I 

SAC 306

Linear Models and Forecasting 

Statistics Courses

STA 301

Probability and Statistics II 

STA 305

Probability Modelling 

STA 318

Statistical Inference I 

STA 322

Computational Methods and Data Analysis


Fourth   year



SAC 401

Mathematics of Demography and Graduation 

SAC 402

Survival Models

SAC 403

Risk Mathematics      

SAC 404

Computational Finance

SAC 405

Principles of Financial Management  

SAC 406

Actuarial Theory of Pension Funds

SAC 407

Life Contingencies II 

SAC 420

Project in Actuarial Science 

Statistics Courses

STA 406

Applied Stochastic Processes

STA 419

Statistical Inference II

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