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FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES | School of Mathematics


Funding Opportunities

Civil society innovation award

Civil Society Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Fund, AU

- This highlights and showcases the innovative work of non-profit organizations in improving water, sanitation and hygiene service delivery and sustainability. The first prize is worth AUD 10,000 and two runner-up prize worth AUD 2,500 each are available.

- Maximum award: AUD 10,000

- Closing date: 31 Oct 17



African cancer fellowships

Union for International Cancer Control, INT

- These enable individuals to visit an organization in another country with a strong emphasis on learning skills that will be shared with peers in their home organization or network. A total of 20 fellowships are

available. –

Maximum award: Not known

- Closing date: 30 Nov 17



Evidence-to-action supplements 2018

US Agency for International Development, US

- These support researchers in applying the data, evidence and results generated under their Partnerships for Enhanced Engagement awards towards facilitating programme changes, policy recommendations or sustainable technological projects.

10 supplements, worth a maximum of USD 25,000 each for up to 12 months,

are available.

- Maximum award: USD 25,000

- Closing date: 17 Nov 17 (recurring)



The Africa Health Research Institute invites applications for its

Consumable awards. Applications from current Sub-Saharan African Network for TB/HIV Research Excellence fellows at master’s, PhD or postdoctoral level may apply. Awards are worth up to USD 20,000 each.



USAID stop gender based violence

US Agency for International Development, US

- This aims to strengthen the environment for girls and women, boys and men, and members of key/priority populations, to live lives free of gender based violence and enjoy healthy-supportive, gender-equitable relationships. One award, worth up to USD 27.1 million over five years, is available.

- Maximum award: Not known

- Closing date: 14 Nov 17



Partnerships for enhanced engagement in research (PEER) – US

government-supported partner cooperation supplements US Agency for International Development, US

- This aims to improve the ability of current awardees to reach the goals stated in the original partnerships for enhanced engagement in research(PEER) proposal through direct, on-site interaction with their US

government-supported partners. Funding is worth up to USD 8,000.

- Maximum award: USD 8,000

- Closing date: 17 Nov 17



Digital marketing scholarship

Amazon, US

- This recognises postgraduate students in the field of digital marketing.

The scholarship is worth USD 500.

- Maximum award: USD 500

- Closing date: 31 Dec 17



Kate Barlow award

Bat Conservation Trust, GB

- This supports postgraduate students undertaking research that will benefit bat conservation. One award of up to £4,500 is available, which may be used towards research costs such as consumables and travel.

- Maximum award: £4,500

- Closing date: 04 Dec 17 (recurring)



Harvey Flower titanium prize

Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, GB

- This supports research into titanium metallurgy. The prize is worth £500.

- Maximum award: £500

- Closing date: 31 Jan 18



Partnership grants

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada | Conseil deRecherches en Sciences Humaines, CA

- These enable new or existing partnerships to advance research, research training or knowledge mobilization in the social sciences and humanities through mutual cooperation and sharing of intellectual leadership. Stage 1 grants are worth up to CAD 20,000 each to help in the preparation of an invited formal application. Stage 2 grants are worth up to CAD 500,000 each per year for four to seven years.

- Maximum award: CAD 2,520,000

- Closing date: 15 Feb 18 (recurring)



Academic Writing Residency Programme

Bellagio Center

The Programme is open to researchers, professors, and scientists from a wide array of backgrounds, disciplines and geographies who shape thinking and catalyze action around projects that promote the well-being of humanity particularly through issues that have direct impact on the lives of poor and vulnerable populations. These issues include but are not limited to health, economic opportunity, urban resilience, food and agriculture among others. Closing date: December 1, 2017




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