Olonde Peter Okoth

 Olonde Peter Okoth

Student Bio

I am relation officer at cooperative bank of Kenya and apart form this, I'm gumptious scholar who always committed to do a studious research concerning dynamics and mechanics fields as I am interested in these fields of applied mathematics. In my partime, I wage an online pedagogy for some canadian mathematics students, and its if absolutely profound to put into practice the mathematical cognition I have acquired from University of Nairobi. I shall endure to delve deep into research.

Project Summary

Project Title: Control of Mechanical System by Moving Coordinates and Motion in Fluids, By Applying of Additional Forces and Having Coordinates as A Function of Time.

Project Abstract

The thesis is about the study of the control of the mechanical system by moving coordinates and locomotion in a fluid. there is study two essentially different ways of controlling the mechanical system’s motion that is; by applying additional forces and by directly prescribing some of the coordinates as a function of time. Flettner rotor initiates locomotion of mechanical systems in fluid and brings about motion and by changing the position of the mass center gravity or internal mass, the body can then be moved dependently and can be controlled. There is full stabilization realized at any point of space when the mechanical system subjected to circulation. When the mechanical system when subjected to non-holonomic constraints whereby the asymptotic stability appertaining to non-equilibrium location gets debilitated and transformed to non-asymptotic. By action of holonomic restraints possessing feeble non-holonomic, a system can be stabilized to stable non-asymptotic. This thesis also expounds the measure of differential involvement in Control of motion for finite-dimensional lagrangian systems and explains the laws of set-valued force that come from the system's interaction with its environs. Laws of a set-valued conditionally rely on geometric form and entities of kinematics. Due to the habituation, this relationship of forces and entities of kinematic are surveyed in detail. Classically, non-potential unilateral forces are contained by appropriate generalized force directions in the generalized force direction. The dissertation also checks into controllability of bodies dealing with countless or infinite-dimension extension, plunged in fluids with viscosity, and with non-zero vorticity. In particular, we can obtain controllability and stabilization properties for these infinite-measurable extents systems.