Lokaran Elizabeth

Lokaran Elizabeth

Student Bio

Am LOKARAN ELIZABETH, a trained science teacher with a diploma from Kenya science Teachers college-Mathematics and chemistry and graduated in the year 2001. Also a holder of B.ED(SCIENCE)-Mathematics and Chemistry from Kenyatta university and graduated in 2011. Holder of Masters in Applied Mathematics from the University of Nairobi class of 2020. My areas of interest are: mathematical modelling of infectious disease(HIV/AIDS), Ordinary differential equations(ODE's), Partial differential equations(PDE's), Numerical analysis and study of dynamical systems.

Project Summary

Project Title :A mathematical model on effect of drug abuse in transmission of HIV/AIDS in Turkana county

Project Abstract

Drugs and substance misuse has been recognized to have a significant impact on the spread of HIV/AIDS epidemic. We formulate a deterministic model to assess the contribution of drug and substance abuse to the spread of HIV/AIDS disease among adults in Turkana County, Kenya. The basic reproduction number of the model is determined and stability of equilibria analyzed. The disease free equilibrium point is shown to be globally asymptotically stable when its corresponding basic reproduction number is less than unity. The Lyapunov theorem is used to show that the endemic equilibrium point is Globally asymptotically stable when its corresponding reproduction number is greater than unity