Odhiambo Evance Ochieng


Student Bio

Evance Ochieng was born and grew in Wagwe Kobiero location, Rachuonyo North subcounty, in Homabay county, he was born in a family of three, He went to Kagai primary school, Madogo secondary school and later Joined the University of Nairobi where he took BSc and MSc.(Applied Mathematics).

Project Summary

Project Title:Numerical Solutions To Nonlinear Hyperbolic Systems Of Conservation Laws Applied To Traffic Flow Theory.

Project Abstract

In the recent past, the rapid growing number of vehicles on long crowded roads elicited rigorous scientific research activities in the field of traffic flow modeling. In this thesis we present and discuss some of the macroscopic models of vehicular traffic flow; here we discuss the Payne-Whitham(P-W) and the Aw-Rascle models of traffic flow both of which are second order. We study the Riemann problems of these models. The numerical method developed here is the finite volume method (FVM), more specifically the Godunov-type approximation together with the CFL condition for stability test of solutions.