Onchwati Felisters kerubo

Onchwati Felisters kerubo

Student Bio

I am teacher by profession teaching Mathematics and geography from form one to form four. I also enjoy guiding and counselling of the young ones to help them make right decisions in life. I hold a bachelors degree in education Arts from Moi university and waiting to be awarded a masters degree in Biometry from the university of Nairobi. My life philosophy is,"your dreams are valid no matter when provided they are not born dead or buried alive."

Project Summary

Project Title:Modelling The Cure Rates of Female Sex Workers With STIs using The Mover-Stayer Markov Chain model.

Project Abstract

Generally human beings undergo different types of diseases. One such are sexually transmitted infections(STIs)which are either chronic or curable. In this study, a Markov model, specically a Mover-Stayer Markov Chain model is used to determine the cure rates of female sex workers who have chronic and curable STIS. The maximum likelihood estimation method is used to obtain the proportion of stayers and movers in the Mover-Stayer Markov Chain model. Octave computational software is used to analysis and data was obtained from the Kenyan Ministry of Health. The study found that 100% of female sex workers who contract chronic STIs do not get healed while 78.78% of female sex workers who contract STIs eventually get healed. It is recommended that further research be conducted on interventions that can prevent female sex workers from contracting chronic STIs as well as interventions that drastically reduce incidences of contracting curable STIs.