Owino Matilda Awuor

Owino Matilda Awuor

Student Bio

Matilda is an enthusiast statistician who has developed great interest in research work through empowering herself academically. This passion that she has for statistics, generally ,was developed at her undergraduate level with the main aim of wanting to know more than just what she knew. This pushed her to go for further studies, and to her, for sure, masters degree is just but one of the many steps ahead in the world of Statistics and Research.

Project Summary

Project Title:Optimal Multi Type Step Wise Group Screening Designs-A Numerical Method Approach

Project Abstract

This project considers optimum stepwise group screening designs .Numerical methods are used to obtain the optimum group sizes. Newton's method as a numerical method , is used as a mathematical tool, statistically, in the minimization of Expected Total number of runs(tests) in the Stepwise group screening design for selecting and separating the defective factors from a population entailing both the defective and non-defective factors(observations). The minimization of the expected total number of runs is obtained or ascertained when the optimum sizes of the group factors are obtained as required from the performance of the several iterations in Newton's method, for different stages, i. e, stage one(one group-size), stage two, (two group sizes) and stage three, (three group-sizes).At each particular stage, comparisons are made with the calculus method used in obtaining the optimum group sizes in the procedures used by other researchers. All these two procedures are afterwards confirmed with the results from the computer search.