Talk on the Importance and Roles of Mathematics in Society

On March 28, 2023, Githiga Boys High School had the honor of hosting Professor Luketero Stephen, a renowned expert in the field of Mathematics and current chairman department of mathematics University of Nairobi. The purpose of his visit was to deliver a talk highlighting the significant importance and multifaceted roles that Mathematics plays in society. The event was attended by the students, and  staff, school, creating an engaging and enlightening atmosphere. 

The event began with a warm welcome by Mr. Michael Kinyua, the esteemed Principal of Githiga Boys High School. He expressed his gratitude for Professor Stephen's presence and underscored the value of such interactions in inspiring and motivating the young minds of the school.

Professor Luketero took the stage and captivated the audience with his profound insights into the world of Mathematics. He eloquently conveyed how Mathematics serves as the foundation of various fields, ranging from engineering and technology to economics and social sciences. With real-life examples, he demonstrated how Mathematics is an essential tool for problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making.

Accompanying team were a group of postgraduate students who shared their personal journeys and experiences in the realm of Mathematics. Their presence brought a practical perspective to the talk, inspiring the students of Githiga Boys High School to consider the possibilities that a strong foundation in Mathematics could offer.

The audience was particularly engaged during the interactive session that followed the talk. Students enthusiastically asked questions and sought advice from Professor Luketero and his team. The discussions ranged from potential career paths in Mathematics-related fields to strategies for overcoming challenges in learning the subject.

Principal Michael Kinyua extended his heartfelt appreciation to Professor Luketero and his team for gracing the school with their presence and knowledge. He emphasized the lasting impact that such interactions have on students' academic and personal development.

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