Catch Your Genius Young

Catch Your Genius Young

The School of Mathematics, University of Nairobi and the Mathematics Association of Kenya in Partnership with KAPEK presents the 11th edition of the Mathematical Olympiad in Kenya –

The KAPEK Kenyan Mathematical Olympiad 2020.

The KKMO is a non-profit competition aimed at increasing interest and participation in mathematics as well as improving performance and promoting excellence in mathematics among high school students in Kenya.

The prestigious competition in its eleventh year is open to every secondary school willing to take part. Identifying talent early, teaching problem solving skills and supporting the development of mathematical programs nationwide. Participants have the opportunity to take part on international competition. The IMO in its 62nd year is an international gathering of the young leaders of tomorrow and the final leg of the Mathematical Olympiad competition. Winners of the KKMO will have the opportunity to travel to Washington USA to represent Kenyan on this world stage.

This year the organizers have introduced for the first time cash prizes for students and schools, sponsored by KAPEK Mathematical Sets, the competition seeks to reach more eligible students than ever before.

Addressing the divide? Aims of the organizers also include increasing participation of young women (typically less than 10%), the competition historically attracting more of their male counterparts even though female participants tend to perform well in previous years.

.Huge benefits are to be gained for students,  

  1. It helps to stimulate a love of mathematics as well as improve mathematical literacy increasing students’ capabilities in national exams.
  2. Potential opportunity to study in prestigious foreign universities, previous contestants have gone on to study in Harvard and Stanford Universities.
  3. Travel, multicultural experience and opportunity to participate in international competition representing schools and country.
  4. To enrich the education and training for research in the mathematical sciences.
  5. Increase visibility of talented students to Universities, providing opportunities for meetings and contacts among present and future mathematicians and scientists of different countries.
  6. Students have access to cash prizes as well as participation certificates and medals.
  7. Participating schools with students who reach the top levels of the competition will win cash prizes for their mathematical departments as well as participation certificates and medals.

At the core of the Olympiad is a mind-engaging and life-changing competition. Parents who wish to register their wards should contact the school for further details on the registration procedure while schools may start their registration process from the KKMO official website:

Register your school and wards for KKMO to help expand their horizon and sharpen their problem-solving skills alongside thousands of the world’s most talented high school students.

Bring out the genius.