The first edition of the Kenya Primary Mathematical Olympiad

The School of Mathematics, University of Nairobi has partnered with Alliance Girls High School and Makini School to host the first edition of the Kenya Primary Mathematical Olympiad. The contest was  held at Alliance Girls High School.

This is a mathematics contest for primary schools that aims to introduce the culture of mathematics Olympiad early.   It is part of the outreach program for the School of Mathematics and aims to increase interest in mathematics as well as improve performance and promote excellence in Mathematics. The competition is open to any school that is willing to participate.

This is also an excellent way to identify talent early and to teach problem-solving skills that may not be taught in the regular classroom setting. This will also provide an activity for the mathematics clubs in primary schools.

The Kenya Primary Mathematical Olympiad will also make Kenya competitive globally since many other countries have such talent identification programs. Participation in this contest will help the student to develop skills including but not limited to the following:

  •  Model word problems and everyday situations mathematically in a variety of ways
  • Use various problem-solving techniques to investigate and answer questions
  •  Provide justification for solutions to questions and give valid arguments for one solution over another.

 The problems are designed to provoke critical thinking and teach the student to make connections between different mathematical concepts.  This will greatly improve their performance in future high School Olympiads and eventually Kenya’s performance in international Olympiads.

 This also

  • provides a forum for interaction between the primary schools, universities, and high schools.
  • Broadens the scope for the primary school maths teachers
  • Enhances reputation for excellence in math education for the participating schools

This event will be held annually and hopefully extend to all the regions in Kenya.