Rono Kiplangat Clinton

Rono Kiplangat Clinton

Student Bio

I was first introduced to Statistics in high school; it was very stimulating. I joined Rongo University for my undergraduate studies specializing on BSc. Applied Statistics with Computing. My curiosity to grow led me pursue a Masters in Social Statistics at the University of Nairobi. The quality and superb resources provided by the university has equipped me with both the statistical skills and the professional skills. Studying Social Statistics was not only challenging but also inspiring. Additionally, pursuing my MSc course at the University of Nairobi is an unforgettable experience.

Project Summary

Project Title: Modeling Household Electricity Consumption in Kenya using Top-down Approach Method

Project Abstract

Household electricity consumption has been a major contributor to the global energy demand and has increased quickly over the past decades. Therefore, this project attempts to examine the key factors influencing household electricity consumption in Kenya from a top-down perspective, by reviewing and evaluating previous research work. The study utilized both socio-economic indicators (e.g. gross domestic product, Number of households connected to the grid), demographic (population) and energy values (electricity tariff). Analysis results found that the gross domestic product and population provide significant impact on household electricity consumption. Nonetheless, the effect of the electricity tariff and the number of households connected to the grid failed to receive a significant support. This implies that future demand for household electricity demand in Kenya will significantly be determined by socioeconomic factors and demographic factors. Thus, these developments should be considered by policy makers in planning for energy in Kenya and developing economies.