EAALG Workshop: Introduction to Homological Algebra and Discrete Geometry

EAALG Workshop “Introduction to Homological Algebra and Discrete Geometry

The Eastern Africa Algebra Research Group (EAALG) organized a workshop on the “Introduction to Homological Algebra and Discrete Geometry” which was held virtually on the period 13th – 16th December 2021. The target audience comprised of academic staff and graduate students from the Eastern Africa region and beyond. Speakers included:

1. Dominic Bunnett – Technische Universität Berlin

2. Caroline Namanya – Makerere University

3. Marta Panizzut – Technische Universität Berlin

Local Organizing Committee

1. Tilahun Abebaw – Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia

2. Alex S. Bamunoba, David Ssevviiri and Alex B. Tumwesigye - Makerere University, Uganda

3. Adson Banda – University of Zambia, Zambia

4. Iara Goncalves – Eduardo Mondlane, Mozambique

5. Celestin Kurijyibwami – University of Rwanda, Rwanda

6. Jared Ongaro – University of Nairobi, Kenya

7. Layla Sorkatti – Khartoum University, Sudan

Scientific Committee

1. Leif Abrahamsson – International Science Programme

2. Rikard Bogvad – Stockholm University

3. Beng-tove Turesson - International Science Programme

4. Michael Wemyss – Glasgow University

With a membership of seven countries (members) EAALG objective is to build research and graduate training capacity in Algebra within the Eastern Africa region. This is done through offering scholarships to postgraduate students, organizing workshops and summer schools, facilitating research and also through collaborations among the member departments with other researchers from both the South and the North.

EAALG is supported by ISP as well as each of the seven universities listed against members of the local organizing committee.

members from seven mathematics departments representing seven different countries include:

  • Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia
  • Makerere University, Uganda
  • University of Nairobi, Kenya
  • Khartoum University, Sudan
  • Eduardo Mondlane, Mozambique
  • University of Rwanda, Rwanda
  • University of Zambia, Zambia