KAPEK Kenya Mathematical Olympiad Produces Top Performers for International Math Competitions

Nairobi School students during KAPEK Olimpiad

The Kapek Kenya Mathematical Olympiad held the 13th edition of the KKMO “search for Kenya’s next national mathematical Olympiad competition. The competition, organized by the Department of Mathematics at the University of Nairobi, attracted over 46 participants from across the country. 

The aim of the competition was to identify and nurture talented young mathematicians in Kenya. The competition consisted of three rounds, with the top performers advancing to the next round. The last round held on February 18th, 2023, produced six top-performing students who will represent Kenya in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) in Chiba, Japan in July 2023. Both the East African Mathematical Olympiad (EAMO) and the Pan African Mathematical Olympiad will feature Kenya's top three boys and top three girls (PAMO).

The top six students who will represent Kenya in the IMO are: 

  1. Kiprotich Duncan   Nairobi School  
  2. Paul Mwangi           Nakuru  High School
  3. Rotich Tony            Light Academy Nairobi  
  4. Mwangi Gavin       Nairobi School  
  5. Dalton  Omondi,    Alliance High School  
  6. Muriu Alfred,          Nairobi School  

The top three boys who will represent Kenya in the EAMO and PAMO are: 

  1. Kiprotich Duncan     Nairobi School  
  2. Rotich Tony              Light Academy Nairobi  
  3. Mwangi Gavin          Nairobi School  

The top three girls who will represent Kenya in the EAMO and PAMO are: 

  1. Masayi Naomi ,               Alliance Girls High School  
  2. Oduor Erika,                   Kianda School  
  3. Ivy Cherono,                   Kipsigis Girls High School  

Cash prizes were also awarded to the top six performers as follows : 

Ksh15,000 1st 

Ksh13,000 2nd

Ksh12,000 3rd

Ksh11,000 4th

Ksh10,000  5th

Ksh9,000.  6th

In attendance at the event were Prof. Stephen Luketero, Chairman Department of Mathematics, Pan African Mathematics Olympiad representative Mr Charles Odunga, and Ms Beatrice Wagichu, Business Development Executive at Cornfield International Limited. Prof. Luketero spoke to the students about career opportunities in mathematics, while Ms Wagichu encouraged students to keep up the excellent work and to never give up in life. 

The KAPEK Kenya Mathematical Olympiad is an important event for identifying and nurturing talented young mathematicians in Kenya. Students can challenge themselves and hone their problem-solving abilities by participating in the tournament. The best students also have the chance to earn financial awards while representing Kenya in international contests, which is a great honour and a sign of their commitment and diligence.

We congratulate everyone who took part in the 13th KAPEK Kenya Mathematical Olympiad and wish the best of luck to the top competitors as they represent Kenya abroad.