Departmental Committees

The School is structured into academic divisions for the purposes of organizing and coordinating teaching and research throughout the university. The actual organization of the teaching and research is the duty of the Heads of the individual Divisions. The School is headed by a Director assisted by Heads of Divisions. The School activities are managed by School Committees. Overall authority rests with the School Board, which has to approve all major decisions or recommendations made in the School, and in particular those made by the committees.


Management committee.

Academic Affairs committee

Finance and Appropriation Committee.

Timetabling and Room Allocation Committee.

Research and Consultancy Committee

Outreach and Service to Community Committee

Programme Coordinators

Examination and Registration Committee

Staff Welfare Committee

Student Counselling and Mentorship Committee

Seminars and Conferences Committee

Physical Facilities and Infrastructure Committee

Computer Affairs Committee

PC/ISO ad Website Committee

School Postgraduate Committee

Brochure/Annual Report/Publication Committee

International Collaboration and Links Committee



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Workshops and Seminars

Community Outreach

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