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Dr Damian Maingi 2014 NANUM Ambassador

NANUM 2014: Invitation to submit online applications under the ICM 2014 invitation program




  • Work with scientists, engineers or economists to solve complex and practical problems with modern mathematical methods.
  • Use modern mathematical techniques and modify appropriate methods.
  • When necessary develop new mathematical models, supported by his broad general knowledge.
  • Pursue postgraduate studies in mathematics

Lecturer - involves teaching in high schools,Universities, colleges or doing research

  • Modeling: Models are needed to investigate air flow across the surface of aircraft wings, chemical and biological processes, astronomical trajectories and urban development. These models need to be designed, created, the data from them collected and analyzed, conclusions drawn and predictions made from them.
  • Cryptography and Security: the making and breaking of secret codes. Numerous businesses also require cryptography. For example, the cable TV companies encode their signals, forcing the viewer to rent their decoding devices in order to turn the signals back into a television picture. Banks also employ cryptography in order to protect the privacy and integrity of their transactions. Number theory is the  branch of pure mathematics which provides the theoretical underpinnings for much of the recent progress in cryptography. 
  • Biotech: Recent breakthroughs in the study of  DNA and proteins have generated a great deal of interest in mathematical biology. Many biotech companies hire mathematics majors because of the high (and growing) mathematical content of the field.
  • Where Mathematics Meets Computer Science: The computer industry provides many lucrative jobs for math majors. Beyond mere proficiency in computer programming, math majors are trained to address the more fundamental issues involved in the creation of new algorithms. Furthermore, many sophisticated applications of computers such as creation of computer graphics and the compression of video and audio signals (to name a few examples) involve a great deal of deep mathematics, and, as a result, many computer companies specifically hire math majors.


THEMATIC PICTURES (click links below to open gallery)

Phd students during their project presentation

Postgraduate students during their presentation


  • M, PROFKHALAGAIJAIRUS, M PROFKHALAGAIJAIRUS.  1991.  On Quasiaffine inverses of Operators. Proceedings of the Third Pan-African Congress of Mathematicians held in Kenya. : Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics(GJPAM), 2012, to appear Abstract


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